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This quarter’s article by Jeff Ormiston…


by Jeff Ormiston, Allen County Parks Naturalist

The long-awaited moment has arrived for thousands of Monarch butterfly aficionados in Allen County and the state of Indiana.  For the past several weeks Monarch eggs have been found on milkweed plants indicating that this may very well be another banner year for Monarch raising and reproduction.

That being said, it is also time for Lepidoptera lovers to renew their appreciation for other members of that order and in particular members of the Lepidoptera super-family Hesperiidae – Skippers.  Skippers are close relatives of butterflies but are not adorned with the beautiful array of colors typical of butterflies and as such are many times overlooked as we walk the trails of natural areas. In Indiana there are 19 species of Spread-wing Skippers and 35 species of Grass Skippers.  Skippers come in what I describe as “earth tones” of browns, oranges and an occasional splotch of white. Skippers get their name from their practice of flying erratically as they search for a meal of nectar and their anatomy is distinctly different from their cousins, moths and butterflies.

Skippers are small to medium size Lepidoptera with large eyes, pudgy short bodies and have hooked antennae instead of the club-shaped antennae of butterflies and the feathered antennae of moths.

The Silver-spotted Skipper is one of the most common skippers to be seen and are now flying along the trails of Allen County Parks