Park Board

On July 19, 1965, the Allen County Park Board was formed. On July 28, 1965 their first meeting was held. The original 5-member board was appointed by the Circuit Court Judge of Allen County.

The goal of this board was to serve the citizens of Allen County with park areas for recreation and also to acquire large areas of land to help ensure conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

In 1985, the Allen County Park and Recreation Board was re-established in accordance with the amended Indiana Park and Recreation Ordinance dated July 19, 1965, as authorized by Indiana Code 36-10-3. Under this amended ordinance, the 5-member board was increased to a 7-member board and became effective April 18, 1985.

These seven members are appointed by five sources rather than only one source under the original ordinance. Members are appointed as follows:

2-members appointed by the Circuit Court Judge;
2-members appointed by the County Council;
1-member appointed by the County Commissioners;
1-member selected by’ the’ County Extension Committee; and
1-member appointed by the Mayor of Fort Wayne.

Each member serves a staggered term.

They currently meet on the 3rd Wednesday, on a bi-monthly basis, on an as-needed basis, and in accordance with Indiana Code, they will conduct an executive session for special concerns such as real estate options or personnel matters. The Park Board is under the authority of both the Allen County Commissioners and County Council

Current Park Board Members:
Stephanie Veit- President
Carrie Hawk – Gutman- Vice President
Matthew Henry  – Secretary
Terri Theisen – Member

Matt Graham – Member
Mitch Sheppard – Member
Lee Wilson – Member
Thomas A. Hardin – Park Board Attorney
Jeff Baxter – Parks Superintendent

Meetings are at 3:30 PM the 3rd Wednesday on a bi-monthly basis, alternating between Fox Island and Metea County Parks.


2021  Meeting Dates (all dates are tentative)

January 21, 2021 – Fox Island County Park
March 18, 2021 –  Metea County Park (this meeting will be on a Thursday)
May 19, 2021  – Fox Island County Park
July 21, 2021  – Metea County Park – cancelled
September 15, 2021  – Fox Island County Park
November 17, 2021  – Metea County Park
January 19, 2022  – Fox Island County Park

For agendas and minutes please contact superintendent “at” (please replace the word “at” with @)