Vera Dulin Wildlife Observation Building

The Vera Dulin Wildlife Observation Building is located in Fox Island County Park just west of the current Nature Center. This building served as the first Nature Center in the park as well as Naturalists Office from 1976 until the current Nature Center was completed and opened in 1997.

The building houses many bird exhibits, a bee hive (currently being reconstructed), and many books on birds and wildlife. Come sit and enjoy the wildlife of Fox Island through the 3 banks of windows. Listen to the sounds of nature.

The building is open on an “as staffed by volunteers” basis.  These days and dates are all tentative as these are volunteers! Our gratitude to these people for their time.


                   Vera Dulin

The building is named in honor of Vera Dulin (1919 – 2014), one of Fox Island’s most beloved volunteers. For over 20 years, Vera led the Fox Island Alliance Trail Guide program, and educational exploration of Fox Island’s woods, wetlands, and dunes. Vera described it as: 

“Thanks to our naturalists and volunteer guides, area school children and adults have a fine opportunity to learn about and appreciate nature’s wonder and beauty. In our big outdoor classroom on the trails, we teach respect: the birds, furry animals, frogs, insects, snakes and worms live here, and we are merely visitors in their home. We show tenderness toward wild animals and critters. If we examine a live specimen, we gently put it back where we found it. We explain the importance of our Nature Preserve and why we don’t pick wildflowers or destroy anything.”

Vera spoke for Fox Island’s human and natural history in many ways. As Fox Island Historian for 35 years, she documented Fox Island’s growth by compiling eight scrapbooks, which you can enjoy in the Kent Library (located in the Nature Center. Vera was an active member and Board Member in the Fox Island Alliance from 1976 – 2011, retiring at age 92.