Master Plan

We have updated our Five Year Master Plan for the years 2023 – 2027. 

A link is provided below to this plan. Click on the link and review online. This is a large document so please be patient while it loads.

Allen County Parks Master Plan  2023-2027

For more information on this plan, contact Jeff Baxter, Superintendent of Parks at 260-449-3312 or email at



Our purpose is not simply to produce a plan, but to…

1. Improve agency management.

2. Establish direction and set constraints.

3. Define goals, objectives and priorities.

4. Communicate direction to staff.

5. Allocate agency resources.

6. Facilitate delegation of responsibilities.

7. Manage change.

8. Assure public accountability.

9. Evaluate success.

10. Promote consistency in decisions.

11. Promote cooperation and unity.


  • Fulfill the original and primary purpose for establishing the Allen County Parks andecreation Department…to provide needed parks, recreational opportunities and open space facilities throughout the county which fill the void between those provided on a state-wide basis and those provided by local governments.
  • Provide for the comprehensive outdoor recreational needs of the county to extent possible within resources constraints.
  • Provide healthful and safe recreational pursuits, facilities and programs that reflect the area’s unique composition of persons, physical setting, and local resources.
  • Preserve and enhance the county’s diverse natural and human resources and encourage greater public awareness and education of our attributes.
  • These attributes include scenic resources, cultural antiquities, historical places and unique geological and environmental settings. These features should ideally be linked by trails or other means.

To comment, contact Jeff Baxter, Parks Superintendent:

phone: 260-449-3312
email: superintendent at