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 Welcome to the Ski Conditions Report for Allen County Parks


If there is more than 4 inches of accumulated snow on the ground, come out to Fox Island and Metea County Parks for cross country skiing. We have a limited number of skis available for rent and sometimes we’ll be open only if you have your own equipment.

Rental prices for both parks are $6.00 per hour for adults and $5.00 per our for children 12 and under. REMINDER: At this time we DO NOT TAKE CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS, Only cash and checks!! Limited sizes are available especially at Metea County Park. We stop renting around 4:00 pm each day so that all skiers are accounted for before dark and the park closes.

The sled hill at Metea County Park will also be open from 9am to 6pm every day we have enough snow.

If you are out at the park for other reasons while conditions are good for skiing please do not walk on trails that are designated for skiiing. These should be marked appropriately with signage.

You can always check the “About” page for the latest condition but here is a legend of what the appropriate “traffic lights” mean

CrossCountrySki RED If you see this red light (STOP) it means conditions are not favorable for skiing.

Cross Country Ski - YELLOW YELLOW means we are NOT renting skis but you may bring your equipment and ski at your own risk!

Cross Country Ski - GREEN GREEN means COME ON OUT AND SKI!! We’re also renting!

CURRENT CONDITIONS (and always check back)
REMINDER: At this time we DO NOT TAKE CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS, Only cash and checks!!

CrossCountrySki RED

Cross Country Ski - YELLOW

METEA COUNTY PARK SKIING – Welcome to bring your own, we’re not renting yet!

Cross Country Ski - GREEN