Volunteer In the Allen County Parks

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We would love to have you!!!!

We need volunteers for all kinds of activities, be it program help, maintenance help, removal of invasive species, filling bird feeders, small construction projects, hosts/hostess, anything you’d like to do!! There are lists of possible projects on the Volunteer Page.

Unfortunately in this day and age we have had to implement a standard policy for clearing all of our volunteers! In order to assure that park patrons enjoy a SAFE visit, the following volunteer policy is in effect…

All potential volunteers for the Allen County Parks and Recreation Department must complete a volunteer application before volunteering. A link to this application follows, that you may download and send back to us.  ACP Volunteer Application (in Adobe pdf format).

Mail the completed application to:

Volunteer Department
7324 Yohne Road
Fort Wayne IN 46809

OR complete the application, scan and email to (replace the “at” with @)

programs at allencountyparks.org

Upon receipt of this completed application..(this is a MUST!)

Then we move on to clearing you! (I know pesky risk management stuff but QUITE necessary in these days and times)

Background checks will be completed and if cleared..

One of our staff will contact you for at an interview (this interview may be completed over the phone)

After this interview you will be Level One cleared and will be allowed to assist staff in volunteer activities but in no case will you be assigned alone with any member of the public. This level will exist until the completion of a mimimum of 10 hours of volunteer time.

If at this point you are still willing to volunteer and the staff’s evaluation of your initial hours is positive we will run the remaining checks and hopefully clear you to Level Two and further volunteer training.

Sounds complicated but it really isn’t!! We just want to make sure that the people that pay to use our parks and programs are exposed to the safest environment possible. I’m sure you can all understand this!

The reason we have two levels of clearance is for two reasons, one we can clear potential volunteers quicker and get you doing what you signed up for….Volunteering! Number two, my staff does not have to spend valuable hours completely clearing a volunteer that may decide that our parks are NOT where they want to volunteer. We hope this isn’t the case but certainly understand how it could and does happen.

Thanks for considering a volunteer position with Allen County Parks!

Jeff Baxter
Allen County Parks