Volunteer Page

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS AND WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK! If we don’t say thank you, hit us!! 🙂 Without you we would not be where we are today and we definitely couldn’t continue!! Allen County Parks are FANTASTIC! If you can do nothing else but get the word out that we exist, it would be HUGE!! We seem to be a very well kept secret and I hope to change that in the future!! If you know of a group or organization (neighborhood associations, Rotary’s, Lions, Kiwanis etc) that would be willing to allow me or one of my staff to do a brief presentation please let me know! I’m not talking about doing a nature program etc, just a brief presentation on what the parks are, where they are, what we have to offer and also to tell them how wonderful all of our volunteers are!! I have found in the past it is the best way to get the word out. Advertising costs are way too expensive for the budgets we have so word of mouth is how we are going to get people excited about OUR parks! Call me at 449-3312 or email me at jbaxter at allencountyparks.org (replace the word “at” with @)

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Listed below are a just a few things volunteers are needed for

Metea County Park

Eagle Scout boardwalks at North Metea.

Trail project builder.  We have the materials—just need a builder!

Self-Guided Hiking Brochures

In addition:

*bird feeders need daily refilling and cleaning and bird seed

*Bulletin Boards need seasonal changes

*program boxes need more “pre-set” programs

*teach a volunteer class

*host for the park

*always need help with clean-up from programs and classes

*nature center library needs donations (guides) and extra cleaning

*bird room needs educational displays

*trail guides needed for school groups (on calendar) Tag-a-longs are encouraged if you just want to help

*Hoosier Riverwatch data—Contact Ron Divelbiss or Jeff Ormistion

*daily phenology (what you see in the park and where)

*exhibit and educational display help

Fox Island County Park

Exhibit help needed: Weather Station, tree stumps and twig displays.

Eagle Scouts projects! – Call us! Boardwalks, Picnic Tables

Articles and brochures for hands-on marketing.

Summer Day Camp programs

Garden Weeding

In addition:

*trail guides for school groups/ day camps

*exhibit help

*bird seed

*need outreach programs for schools that can’t come

*host for the nature center and bird room

*clean-up for programs, especially day camps

*mailings and folding brochures.

*Natural Resource Managers—bring your tools, gloves, and wildlife management planning skills! Contact Natalie Haley, 449-3246

Payton County Park and Cooks Landing County Park

General clean up
Invasive species removal
New routed signs

Deer Run Wilderness Area

Contact Michael Gobert at deerrunwildernessarea at gmail.com